About Us

Roatan Seafood, located on the island of Roatan off the coast of Honduras, operates four fishing vessels and works closely with a network of thirty artisanal fishermen to catch, process and export a variety of seafood products. The company as well as the fishermen we employ use sustainable fishing practices to ensure the longevity of the rich fishing grounds surrounding Roatan; in fact all fish are caught by line.

About Our Products

The products are received at our dock and immediately classified, graded, rinsed, and packaged for export.

Our HAACP approved, FDA certified facility processes over forty species of fish, which are either sent frozen to Jamaica or fresh on ice to buyers in Miami and the Cayman Islands.
Fresh on ice, whole, gutted (W/G) premium seafood exports to Miami, are shipped via UPS Air Cargo or Hyde Shipping and include Queen Snapper, Yellow Eye Snapper, Caribbean Red Snapper, Black Fin Snapper and Yellow Tail Snapper as well as various species of Grouper.

Exports to Jamaica include Snapper fillets, Grouper, Grouper fillets, Jack, Wahoo and Kingfish.

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Contact Information

Benjamin Jardim - Roatan Seafood
French Harbour,Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras
+(504) 2455 5116 (office)

A subsidiary of Rainforest Seafoods.